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Text Verification Tool

Improve quality

Proofreading errors can mean a product recall. With TVT recalls can be avoided.

Save time

Less time doing proof­reading means more time doing what you have been trained to do.

Save money

Reduce the number of correction cycles, avoid costly misprints - get to the market quicker.

What is it all about?

Most proofreading errors are avoidable. TVT helps you avoid the avoidable.

Texts and Contexts

Anybody who professionally deals with printed texts knows that the road from the original text to the final printed version can be a rocky one. Good intentions and seemingly unending proofreading phases cost time, money, nerves – and do not guarantee success.


The productions steps from original document to layout finally to printing are usually simpler in theory than in practice. Each step is a potential source of new errors.

Typical errors include, for example, typographical errors, missing text, text in the wrong position, formatting inconsistencies.

Although errors may not stem from the original text, the author of the original text usually bears the full responsibility. Depending on the target group, mistakes can range from simply embarrassing to legally problematic and costly. Errors in the documentation of medical products can sometimes lead to serious health problems.

Preventing the mistake is always better than finding out who made it. Our Text Verification Tool can help you do just that!

What is it?

An easy-to-install, easy-to-use software application that helps you make sure that your final printed version is identical with your original text.

Who needs it?

Basically, anyone who writes a text and strives for 100% accuracy in the final printed version. This includes the author of the original text, the layouter, the printer and anyone working in the proofreading process along the way.

In highly regulated contexts, for example, the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries, the need for 100% accuracy is especially great. In general, the more costly a mistake can be, the greater the need for the TVT.

How does it help?

It saves time, money, embarrassment, and proofreaders' nerves. It protects customers and their clients from the potential legal problems that can result from incomplete and incorrect information due to printing errors.

In most cases, people responsible for ensuring that a printed text is 100% accurate are not trained proofreaders – they are usually highly qualified experts in another field such as pharmaceuticals, chemistry, biology, to name just a few relevant areas. These people create value when they do what they can do best, and not when they are proofreading. Proofreading is best done by the proofreading expert: TVT. As a proofreader TVT is invaluable.

How does it work?

The Text Verification Tool® (TVT) is a Windows-based software capable of comparing any original text document with the layouted version of the text prepared for printing. It works by comparing texts according to a few basic categories: content deviation, position deviation, stylistic/typographic deviation. The TVT is easy to install. Anyone familiar with MS Word and the Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF system will be able to use it with no problem. TVT supports all of the world's major languages and can be used to compare all standard document file types.


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