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The Company

Schlafender Hase® is the global leader in computer-driven proofreading. Our Text Verification Tool® (TVT) is the international benchmark for accurate and user friendly text and graphic verification. TVT is currently used by the world’s leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies as well as numerous regulatory bodies to ensure compliant, error-free and consistent packaging. TVT allows users to compare text and graphics with one solution. It is ISO 9001:2008 certified, 21 CFR Part 11 and Annex 11 compliant.

SHP Mission Statement

We strive to be the global leader for proofreading software and services in highly regulated industries.

We place the greatest value on innovation, in-depth knowledge of customer needs, user-friendliness, fast and effective customer support, value creation for our customers – and the freedom to think differently.

What does "Schlafender Hase" mean and stand for ?

In German it means "sleeping rabbit".
In everyday business Schlafender Hase® translates into a lot of hard work matched by at least as much imagination. If the rabbit is sleeping, it is not the "Sleeping Rabbit".

What keeps Schlafender Hase® awake ?

Many things. For example, the will to succeed, the danger of self-complacency that can come with success. Equally important: we're not the only ones not sleeping – the competition doesn't sleep either. Most important: our goal is to meet the needs of our customers – and the needs of our customers are always changing. And so we are always changing.

What does the customer mean to us ?

At least as much as he means to himself. And in many cases much more and something different. To meet our customers needs we often we have to understand the customer better than he understands himself. To understand our customers we make their business our business. Then it's our business to solve their/our problems. The TVT was initially developed to help an individual customer meet a very concrete need. Our business was driven by the needs of our customers when we were founded, and we've been that way ever since. For us, this is the only way.

Is the customer always right ?

This question doesn't mean too much to us. We ask another question.

What rights does the customer have ?

For us the customer has the right to be understood, to be competently and honestly advised, to have his needs met, and to get the support he needs when he needs it. Our customers have the right to expect that we treat their business as our business.

In the end, our customers make a difference to us, and we strive to make a difference for them.

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The Team

Frank Hessler
Managing Director, Software Development

Willie Schnaubelt
Managing Director, Sales

Sharron Bao-Vollrath

Kerstin Bingold-Leroy (ext)

Andrea Brunsch (ext)
Quality Manager

Dr. Elmar Braun
Lead Developer

Marc Chaillou
Account Manager

Martin Felch (ext)
GxP/CSV Quality Manager

Andreas Frolov
Software Development

Andy Grzesitza (ext)
Visual Design

Dr. Jutta Hohenhoerst
Account Manager

Dirk Lojewski
Office Management

Witloff-Falk Möckel (ext)

Alexander Reincke (ext)
Software Development

Daniel Schumann
Software Development

Michaela Stenshorn
Team Assistant

Elke Winterstein (ext)

Yuliana Wong
Head of Training